Shekofa Group


Shekofa Group was established in 1942 in the Bazaars of Mashhad as a wholesaler by the late Hajj Ali Akbar Shekofti. Shekofa Group takes its name from the family’s namesake, “Shekofa”, meaning “to blossom” and has been the hallmark of our existence ever since. During the early 1950s, the second generation of the family entered the business in the form of Younes, Yousef and Khalil who took Shekofa Group’s wholesale operations across the entire country, taking offices in Tehran, Mashhad and establishing agents in other provinces across the country. In the early1970s, Shekofa Group entered the real estate development industry by building some of the tallest commercial towers in Iran. During the latter part of the 1970s was when Shekofa Group’s resilience was tested with the unfolding of the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq. Regardless, Shekofa Group remained private and continued its activities throughout those difficult times. During the 1980s, the third generation of the family entered the business, well educated and travelled, internationalizing Shekofa Group’s activities and marking our entrance in the importation industry by establishing activities in Kish and Qeshm free zones as well as opening our offices in the United Arab Emirates. It was during the early 1990s when Shekofa Group began working as a distributor and brand ambassador to many friendships across FMCG, beauty & cosmetics, health, hygiene, consumer electronics and fashion retail. At the start of the new millennium and after having consolidated its position as a truly national wholesaler with international standards and capabilities, Shekofa Group, in keeping with its namesake, began the process of blossoming into a retailer with the establishment of Hamee hypermarkets and supermarkets across the entire country.

Today, Shekofa Group is in its 4th generation and stands as a diversified conglomerate with operational activities across wholesale/distribution, fashion retailing, food retailing as well as investments across heavy industry, real estate development and passive investments in private equity.

Our Vision

Shekofa Group comprises of 11 companies structured under 6 business groups; an enterprising corporation, motivated by serving society, providing employment opportunities, caring for its family members, that is its associates, and relentlessly servicing our customers. Since our founding in 1942, the core principals of our business have been passed down generation by generation and remains the source of our success and raison d'etre of Shekofa today.

As a family business our key business principals guide our every day activities and are at the heart of our organization.

Our organization has been built on long standing partnerships and hence it goes without unsaying that our client’s interest comes first. Experience has taught us that if we are able to serve our clients well and keep our stakeholder’s interests to high standards, success will follow.

Our key assets are our reputation, people and capital in that same order. As a family organization, reputation is taken very seriously amongst all our associates; following strictly the spirit and the letter of the law in the areas we operate in.

We take pride in the professional quality work we do and honesty as well as integrity we bring to the table. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to continued improvement. Shekofa is a never-ending university for its associates as we continually invest in our capabilities and up-skilling ourselves. A crucial aspect of our success has been the challenging environment we provide for our associates and make an unusual effort to recruit the best talent in creating an exceptional camaraderie as we highlight the importance of teamwork in everything we do. It is our continuous aim to move people ahead faster than is possible in any other organization. We know that if you can get the culture and people of an organization right, the numbers will follow.

The structure of governance within Shekofa has been the result of years of hardship and the accumulation of lessons learnt over the years as the organization has grown. The Holding company plays an important role in the coordination of financing, strategy and the appointment of key hires. Operating businesses are stand-alone companies whose management runs each business independently. Each business group has a board comprised of family members, independent board members and management. This insures accountability of the management towards its board and allows family members to ensure that our values are maintained across all business.